On Flinders Island we are blessed with some of the greenest pastures, cleanest air, and purest water on earth. All of this combined with honest and caring farming practices results in livestock that are hard to match in terms of quality. It is the quality of this livestock that draws world class chefs to Flinders Island, and it is the knowledge that the animals are treated in the way that they should be that keeps them coming back.

At Flinders Island Meat our promise is this – no animal will undergo undue stress, or be subject to treatment which could negatively affect that animals state of mind.

All animals will be free range, and no animal will be held off pasture for more than 12 hours. EVERY animal will be periodically checked to ensure they are in good health, and sick animals will be attended to and cared for. At Flinders Island Meat, animal welfare is our number one priority.

There are two reasons for our devotion to animal welfare at our facility. The first reason is that as a progressive, modern plant, we are committed to ensuring that the welfare of the animals is in line with our customers expectations, and with our moral beliefs.

As a brand pitched to high-end top quality restaurants, we know that our clients demand piece of mind when it comes to serving meat to their customers, and we strive for our welfare practices to meet, and exceed their demands.

The second reason animal welfare is our number one priority is so we do justice to the quality of the livestock on the island. An animal that undergoes stress results in meat that can be tough, dark and devoid of flavour.

Accordingly, there is a very practical reason to ensure the stock at the plant are handled to the highest standards – to ensure a high quality, consistent, assured product.


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