James Madden
Managing Director

James has had a history in brand development and sales and marketing. He also has a strong background in event management, including logistics and supply line co-ordination. James has a current pilot licence, and flies between Flinders Island and mainland Victoria quite often. He is based in Melbourne and serves as the company’s Executive Officer, co-ordinating sales, client relations, branding, marketing, advertising, orders and the supply line from Flinders Island.

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David Madden
Managing Director

David has a long history in the meat business, combined with a history in agriculture that stretches right back to high school (however long ago that was!) His knowledge of livestock and farming practices, coupled with his thorough experience in the abattoir, boning, and butcher industries gives him an ideal skill set for his position at the Flinders Island Meat plant. He lives onsite at Flinders Island, co-ordinating and overseeing all production, quality assurance practices, stock purchases, and ensures that livestock are treated in line with the Flinders Island Meat Livestock Welfare Charter.


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