There’s something about Flinders Island that made our company tagline come to mind as soon as we visited – “Taste the Difference”. And you just can. There is something about the pristine environment, the isolation from pollutants and chemicals, the crisp salty air and the lush green pastures that makes it feel like a kingdom of heaven for livestock.

The lambs on Flinders Island are treated to one of the best environments on Earth, and raised by farmers who know, from generations of experience and knowledge, exactly how to get the most out of each animal, and to perfect that unique taste that you just won’t find anywhere else.

People come from near and far to taste the unique flavour of Flinders Island Prime Lamb. This flavour is accredited to the strong winds that blow on the 40th southern degree of latitude around the earth. Most of the earth at this latitude is ocean, with only a few specks of land interrupting it.

Most notoriously, this part of the world is renowned for the “roaring forties” – strong winds and high rainfall. These strong winds blow over thousands of kilometres of fresh sea, picking up miniscule particles of sea salt and depositing them on the already lush pastures of Flinders Island.

This special, slightly salty diet that the livestock graze on gives them a flavour unique to the Island, and something that has received recognition by some of Australia’s leading chefs.

All lambs are free of antibiotics and growth hormones and graze on natural pastures. They have a unique texture and flavour from their sea salt grass diet that results in lower shrinkage when compared to traditional lamb.

They are high in protein and contain all the essential amino acids and minerals – including iron and zinc, and are lower in fat than beef. The lambs are an excellent source of B vitamins, particularly B12. These lambs really are something special.


“Flinders Island Meat – you can taste the difference”

Flinders Island Milk Fed Lamb

Flinders Island Pasture Fed Wallaby

Flinders Island Saltgrass Lamb

Flinders Island Beef