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Flinders Meat

Why is Australian lamb so expensive?
The materials used to breed lambs are a bit expensive. They are pretty nice and cute animals too. It would be awesome for farms to raise lambs and let them live their full lives. There is sadly a lot of lamb farmers who think it is nice to raise and kill these poor animals. We all know animals are friends and not food.

What dangerous animals live in Tasmania?
There are a lot of crocodiles, spiders, and snakes all over Tasmania. Those are all dangerous creatures who can kill you if you are not too careful. You must know how to survive if you decide to go to the wild. When that happens, you must have all the materials needed to get the basic essentials. It may not be useful at first but you know you would make it useful somewhere down the line. For example, spiders can bite your exposed skin so better cover your skin as much as possible. Better not let a lot to get exposed so that you would prevent any danger from happening.

Is Lamb grass-fed in Australia?
It depends on the climate but they are predominantly fed pasture. It is indeed healthier to feed them with grass as it would mean they are on a vegan diet. If you are raising them to kill them then it would be better to feed them grass. It would be unhealthier to inject them with antibiotics. It is important to raise them and take good care of them the right way and not treat them poorly like they did something wrong. They deserve to get taken good care of by someone who knows how.

What food is Tasmania famous for?
Flinders Island lamb is one of the food that Tasmania is famous for, claimed First Choice Allied Health. It is a shame how you would need to butcher those kind and delicate animals though. Meat pies are also popular even though vegans are growing more and more in the area. For those who love seafood, the famous local Tasmania food includes scallop pies and fresh oysters. As they say, you can’t complete a meal without getting dessert and the best option would be fudge or wasabi cheese.

Why is lamb so expensive now?
The demand seems to be pretty high due to how popular Flinders island lamb is. In fact, some tourists know how popular that dish is so they would order it right away when they see that it is available in a restaurant. They know Tasmania lamb tastes like no other.

Why are lamb prices so low?
The recent pandemic put the demand at levels that are deemed a bit lower than what everyone thought. It is not what everyone was expecting but those restaurants that offer lamb dishes will take it when it is their turn to go to the market in order to buy some meat. They are just concerned with serving lamb meat to people who go there to eat.

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