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Flinders Island Meat

How are pigs farmed in Australia?
They are kept in conventional indoor systems. There are some pig farmers who keep them in outdoor systems even though that is not really advisable. They use outstanding materials in order to keep the process as smooth as possible. The last thing they would want to happen is for something to go wrong within the entire place. There are some pig farmers that try and get pigs pregnant artificially so the result is not as good. When that happens, you know you would rather go for the ones who breed their pigs the natural way which is a lot better.

How many pigs are farmed in Australia?
There are 2700 pig farmers in Australia and all of them are aiming to breed pigs in the best way possible. There are times when that number goes up and down depending on the season. There are times when the demand for pork gets a bit high and times when it goes down. When the tour is going up, you can bet they would want to do provide a lot of pork to the people there.

How many pigs are there in Australia?
There are 24 million feral pigs in Australia. Considering how big Australia is, that is a lot and they are mostly killed for human food. There are times when so many pigs are tried to fit in a cage when the space is pretty shallow for them to move. The poor animals can’t really do anything about it as the pig farmers are just doing it for the profit. It is a good thing one pig farmer became vegan as he saw it is not right to slaughter these poor animals just for food. It is disgusting how some people would even consider eating these smart and caring animals.

Why is pork so expensive in Australia?
First, the labourers are paid a lot of money. Being someone who feeds pigs at farms is actually a high paying job. Another is the resources needed to run a pig farm as it is also pretty expensive. The materials to keep those things as warm as possible is pretty costly so you would want to think twice about buying local pork. in fact, a lot of people would prefer buying international pork instead since they say it tastes pretty much the same and it is cheaper too.

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