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Facts You Need to Know about Australia Wagyu Beef

Australian Wagyu has gained much popularity in the meat industry. It is widely preferred by many. But as you are here, we can sense that you have some queries about the same. If so, then do not worry because we are here to solve it.

What is Australian Wagyu beef?

Wagyu beef is smooth, tender, and umami-rich beef. Mainly it is found in Japan but Australia also produces the same after Japan. Other than Japan, Australian also has the biggest herd of Wagyu. This began in the year 1988 when the farmers brought the genetics of Wagyu that is embryos and semen. They brought them to crossbreed the genetics with their cattle.

When they crossbred genetics with their cattle, they became the best in Wagyu. This all turned out to be possible because they paid attention to the minute details. Also, some of the farmers praise springs, grass, and rainfall in Australia for the same.

To get high-quality beef and brilliant marbling, it takes about two and a half years before the cattle are ready. They spend the first six to ten months of their lives feeding their mothers and the next days they get fed by Japanese standards.

Currently, 100,000 Wagyu are joined every year in Australia, in which 18% of them are full-blooded.

Is Australian Wagyu good?

Just in case you are wondering if Australian Wagyu is good or not, then let me tell you that it’s totally good. Even though they are one of the best, this is all because they pay attention to the minute details and the farmers praise the springs, grass, and great rainfall in Australia.

To get high-quality beef, it takes about two and a half years before the cattle are totally ready.

Furthermore, Wagyu beef is different from anything because of its marbling. Now you must be wondering what is marbling? Marbling means the layers of intramuscular fat that are visible. It is the fat that is found in the muscles of cows. As the genetics of cows are a bit different, that is why the meat only includes a much higher percentage of fatty acids in the ordinary beef. This gives it a great marbling store.

How much does Wagyu beef cost in Australia?

Wagyu beef in Australia is quite expensive. It costs $450 per kg which is just too much. But with great price comes the great quality beef too. All in all, the price is totally worth the beef you get.

The Japanese Wagyu beef is the most expensive beef in the whole world. It can cost up to $200 per pound. Moreover, one of the rarest steaks of olive wagyu can cost between $120 to over $300 per pound. Also, the calves in Wagyu are three times the number of cattle in the USA.

Is Wagyu beef grown in Australia?

Yes, Wagyu beef is grown in Australia as well. The Wagyu cattle are originally from Japan, but they are fed, bred, grown, and processed in Australia only.

The most common bloodlines of Wagyu are from the Japanese provinces of Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, and Tajima. Moreover, over 95% of cattle are crossbred with Australian cattle.

Why is Kobe beef banned in the US?

In the year 2001, Kobe beef was banned in the U.S, with other beef imports from Japanese, because of concerns about mad cow disease.

The ban was removed in 2005, but then a similar ban came into existence in 2009. Some strange things happened with this ban like so many fake Kobe dishes were made in restaurants to trick people into believing that they are real.

But after some time, Kobe beef in small amounts became legal but only a small amount.

What do Wagyu cows eat?

The wagyu cows are raised in the barns on fattening farms. They are assigned names in place of numbers. Generally, they are given a diet of whole crop silage, rice straws and they are permitted to grow about 700 kg of weight.

Here we come to the end! Wagyu beef is a delicious beef that is famous all around the world. We at Flinders Island consider our values and serve our customers with good quality beef.

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Flinders Meat

Why is Australian lamb so expensive?
The materials used to breed lambs are a bit expensive. They are pretty nice and cute animals too. It would be awesome for farms to raise lambs and let them live their full lives. There is sadly a lot of lamb farmers who think it is nice to raise and kill these poor animals. We all know animals are friends and not food.

What dangerous animals live in Tasmania?
There are a lot of crocodiles, spiders, and snakes all over Tasmania. Those are all dangerous creatures who can kill you if you are not too careful. You must know how to survive if you decide to go to the wild. When that happens, you must have all the materials needed to get the basic essentials. It may not be useful at first but you know you would make it useful somewhere down the line. For example, spiders can bite your exposed skin so better cover your skin as much as possible. Better not let a lot to get exposed so that you would prevent any danger from happening.

Is Lamb grass-fed in Australia?
It depends on the climate but they are predominantly fed pasture. It is indeed healthier to feed them with grass as it would mean they are on a vegan diet. If you are raising them to kill them then it would be better to feed them grass. It would be unhealthier to inject them with antibiotics. It is important to raise them and take good care of them the right way and not treat them poorly like they did something wrong. They deserve to get taken good care of by someone who knows how.

What food is Tasmania famous for?
Flinders Island lamb is one of the food that Tasmania is famous for, claimed First Choice Allied Health. It is a shame how you would need to butcher those kind and delicate animals though. Meat pies are also popular even though vegans are growing more and more in the area. For those who love seafood, the famous local Tasmania food includes scallop pies and fresh oysters. As they say, you can’t complete a meal without getting dessert and the best option would be fudge or wasabi cheese.

Why is lamb so expensive now?
The demand seems to be pretty high due to how popular Flinders island lamb is. In fact, some tourists know how popular that dish is so they would order it right away when they see that it is available in a restaurant. They know Tasmania lamb tastes like no other.

Why are lamb prices so low?
The recent pandemic put the demand at levels that are deemed a bit lower than what everyone thought. It is not what everyone was expecting but those restaurants that offer lamb dishes will take it when it is their turn to go to the market in order to buy some meat. They are just concerned with serving lamb meat to people who go there to eat.

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Flinders Island Meat

How are pigs farmed in Australia?
They are kept in conventional indoor systems. There are some pig farmers who keep them in outdoor systems even though that is not really advisable. They use outstanding materials in order to keep the process as smooth as possible. The last thing they would want to happen is for something to go wrong within the entire place. There are some pig farmers that try and get pigs pregnant artificially so the result is not as good. When that happens, you know you would rather go for the ones who breed their pigs the natural way which is a lot better.

How many pigs are farmed in Australia?
There are 2700 pig farmers in Australia and all of them are aiming to breed pigs in the best way possible. There are times when that number goes up and down depending on the season. There are times when the demand for pork gets a bit high and times when it goes down. When the tour is going up, you can bet they would want to do provide a lot of pork to the people there.

How many pigs are there in Australia?
There are 24 million feral pigs in Australia. Considering how big Australia is, that is a lot and they are mostly killed for human food. There are times when so many pigs are tried to fit in a cage when the space is pretty shallow for them to move. The poor animals can’t really do anything about it as the pig farmers are just doing it for the profit. It is a good thing one pig farmer became vegan as he saw it is not right to slaughter these poor animals just for food. It is disgusting how some people would even consider eating these smart and caring animals.

Why is pork so expensive in Australia?
First, the labourers are paid a lot of money. Being someone who feeds pigs at farms is actually a high paying job. Another is the resources needed to run a pig farm as it is also pretty expensive. The materials to keep those things as warm as possible is pretty costly so you would want to think twice about buying local pork. in fact, a lot of people would prefer buying international pork instead since they say it tastes pretty much the same and it is cheaper too.