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My name is James Madden and my father David and I run Flinders Island Meat.

We started out as just a small company processing some of the best lamb in the world on our island home in Bass Strait, but have since grown into something a bit different!

While we still process our special lamb from Flinders Island, we now distribute our produce, and a wide portfolio of other incredible meat from likeminded producers directly to chefs and retailers in Victoria.


No, this wasn’t part of the plan. But when we started delivering our Saltgrass Lamb to chefs in Melbourne, it was something we became really passionate about.

What started with me walking the streets of Melbourne with a cooler bag full of samples and knocking on restaurant doors, has now grown to a processing factory, a staff of 10 and a community of amazing customers we feel privileged to call friends.


Communicating the story, provenance, and meaning behind the produce that we supply is our driving motivation.

Upholding values of honesty, transparency, and reliability are how we achieve it.


So get in touch! We’d love to get to know you, and help you get to know some of the amazing farmers that make the produce in this country so special.

– James


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